Polish Radio National Symphony Orchestra - Katowice, Delta David Gier, conductor.

MPA Recordsl (001). Buy it exclusively at Mystery Park Arts Records

David Arden, Piano

CRI Emergency Music label # 845. (New World Records)

CD RELEASE (1996): SYMPHONY NO. 2(42) Polish Radio National Symphony Orchestra - Katowice, Delta David Gier, conductor.

New Albion Music label # 081.

Stereo Web Broadcast of music of, and interview with Carson Kievman

Radio Interview*  Two consecutive Saturdays, March 18-25, 2000 - Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar is heard in Central Vermont every Saturday from 2:30 to 4:30 pm EST

Nuts & Bolts for solo piano. Joseph Kubera, soloist. Merkin Concert Hall. March 18, 1999 8pm (New York Premiere).

Contrabassimi music-theater for solo double bass. Bertram Turetsky, soloist. Taplin Auditorium. Princeton University. May 14, 1999 8pm admission free

Starving Angels for string quartet and 6 year old violin soloist. Serioso String Quartet and Dakota Kievman, child soloist. Taplin Auditorium. Princeton University. May 4, 1999 8pm free admission

Recent and Upcoming Performances & Events


Radio program DLF 1036-GERMAN RADIO / April 23 & 29, 2018 - 21:05 (European Central Time) - Forum of New Music, Concert of the Week "Echoes of '68' "Rebellion" / Works by Carson Kievman - Composer, Iannis Xenakis, Louis Andriessen, Nikolaus A. Huber, and more...

International Ensemble Modern
Deutschlandfunk Chamber Music Hall



"Symphony No. 4 (Biodiversity)" - The fragility of our beautiful but endangered natural world affects the entire globe and should be of concern to everyone. Although the music is primary here, I hope the biodiversity symphony will intuitively engage a few more people in this life-threatening problem. Please re-post this and support our project with a donation in any amount.

"Symphony No.5" is a symbiotic pairing with "Symphony No. 4 (Biodiversity)". This symphony was inspired by spending time in the natural environs of the Everglades, the Florida Keys and the Cayman Islands.We need you!







Hamlet Opera Cast

"The 21-year journey to the stage of Carson Kievman's opera Hamlet took an important step forward with the premiere of a staged concert version on Friday night at Kievman's SoBe Institute of the Arts in Miami Beach."

"Hamlet's solo monologues are poignantly emotive, the beautiful arioso writing dramatically powerful... the ghost scene is wonderfully eerie... Horatio's final goodnight sweet prince is lyrically potent."

"Kenneth Mattice was a charismatic Hamlet, his fine lyric baritone spinning the often unaccompanied solos effortlessly. Unhinged from the onset, Mattice's prince seemed doomed with every step and utterance. Megan Brus nearly stole the show as Ophelia with her flawless coloratura and compelling portrait of emotional disintegration."

"A strong theatrical crescendo builds from the confrontation of Hamlet and Ophelia through the play within a play and Ophelia's haunting mad scene. Indeed one of Kievman's major accomplishments is turning the usually nondescript character of Ophelia into a strong dramatic persona."

"Elegantly costumed by Angelina Esposito with lighting by Robert Perry that alternates bright glints of color with shadowy effects, Kievman's production effectively utilizes the entire space of the Little Stage Theater, aisles and entrances included. A well-drilled cast presented the score in its best light."

Lawrence Budmen, The Miami Herald / South Florida Classical Review 3/3/12

Besides the critical acclaim that Hamlet brought to SoBe Arts, several performances of this work ignited spontaneous standing ovations! Audience reactions were amazing, including post-show email comments like the following:

“HAMLET was enjoyable from start to finish. The trios and ensemble work were especially brilliant (music and acting). I was moved and also the humor came through which you obviously knew was there. Your direction was spectacular. You should be very proud!”

“Dear SoBe Arts, I just wanted to congratulate Mr. Carson Kievman and all of his actors, lighting director, and staff. My boyfriend and I never expected such an outstanding production. The theater was cozy and we felt as if it were a private show. Too bad we went on the last day and can’t tell our family and friends. Being there reminded us of the great gift of theater actors and how they can bring to life a play that is centuries old. Congratulations and thank you very much.”


At long last, “Hamlet” opera will get its premiere
- Knight Arts 2/29/12

SoBe Arts' Hamlet: Iambic Pentameter Meets the Modern Day Opera - Miami New Times 2/22/12

Hamlet Soundtheater/Opera World Premiere - Miami Herald 2/19/12

SoBe Arts to Present the World Premiere of Carson Kievman's HAMLET Soundtheater/Opera - Theatermania 1/31/12

SoBe Arts Presents The World Premiere Of HAMLET Soundtheater/Opera - Broadway World 1/31/12

HAMLET Soundtheater/Opera Press Release - 1/31/12


PRE-CONCERT TALK: John Corigliano, composer-in-residence 7:00 p.m.

Lara St. John, violin - Anastasia Khitruk, violin - Kim Kashkashian, viola - Matt Haimovitz, cello
David Cole, cello - Matthew Davies, viola - Martin Kennedy, piano


Phantasmagoria (on Themes from The Ghosts of Versailles): John Corigliano
Seven for the Flowers near the River:
Stephen Paulus
Osvaldo Golijov
The Red Violin Caprices:
John Corigliano
(US Premiere): John Corigliano
Sine Nomine:
(String Version Premiere) Carson Kievman
Black Angels:
George Crumb

The Colony Theater - 1040 Lincoln Road - Miami Beach, FL 33139

Festival Finale Concert

String Festival




Dear John
Honoring the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's death.

Commissioned by Lawrence Remmel for the Collegiate School Orchestra 2005
(The oldest school in America - founded in Manhattan in 1628)
Premiere Chamber Version - SMI Ensemble (SoBe Music Institute) June 27, 2008 - Carson Kievman, Conductor
Premiere Orchestra Version - The South Dakota Symphony November 9, 2008 - Delta David Gier, Conductor


Staged workshop of two scenes from
TESLA (opera in progress)
by Carson Kievman
Libretto by Thomas Babe
Tuesday, May 25th at 8:00 PM
New York City Opera VOX 2004 and FRIENDS
Encompass New Opera Theatre
John Yaffe, Music Director
in the Peter J. Sharp Theater at Symphony Space, 95th & Broadway, New York City.
For tickets, call the Box Office 212-864-5400 or order them online at

Carson Kievman: In Honor of Earle Brown
Thurs., Nov. 14, 2002 3:00 p.m. Free admission
The New School
66 West 12th St.
New York, NY 10011
(212) 229-5600

Earle Brown, a major force in contemporary music since the early 1950s, died on July 2. A leading composer of the American avant-garde for more than fifty years, Brown was associated with the experimental composers John Cage, Morton Feldman, and Christian Wolff who, with Brown, came to be known as the New York School. Composer Carson Kievman, who was Brown's student and friend of twenty-eight years, currently holds a Naumberg Fellowship at Princeton. In addition to the many chamber and solo instrumental works he has written, he has been dedicated to the creation of new music theater. Co-sponsored by the Institute for Retired Professionals and the Vera List Center for Art and Politics at The New School

"In 1980 he (Earle Brown) was at CalArts for one of several visits and oversaw a performance of his Calder Piece, extraordinary pan-sensual music for percussionists beating the bejeesus out of 100 instruments that included a sculpture created by Calder for the occasion. Hearing it contributed to my own decision to move to
Alan Rich, The Classical Music Guide

Earle Brown (b. 12/26/1236 - d.7/2/2002) was a major figure in the 20th century, his work has been, not only a major influence on contemporary "classical" music since the 1950s, but has entered historical status with its inclusion in almost every textbook available for use by teachers and professor of the humanities throughout the world. While we are aware that Earle Brown was part of an innovative group known as the New York School, in which composers and artists John Cage, Morton Feldman, Christian Wolff, Robert Rauschenberg, and others, shared ideas and inventions, there are general misconceptions about the significance and meaning of brown's work, primarily because of the large shadow cast by the charismatic John Cage, whose books and conceptual ideas were widely disseminated throughout the world. Therefore most people erroneously conclude that Cage was a major influence, both musically and conceptually on Brown.

Brown was already a strong-minded innovative composer when he was invited by Cage to join the New York circle in 1952. And while there are significant differences in their musical output, Earle Brown's musical intent can, perhaps, be more likened to that of Hungarian-born composer György Ligeti. While his background in Jazz and Mathematics did play a role in Brown's musical thinking, like Ligeti, he was strongly influenced by a fundamental rediscovery of Early Music which took place in the 1940s and 1950s while these two men were coming into his own as composers. During this period there was a major increase in both performances of Early Music and scholarly analysis. This activity not only signaled the beginning of a renewed interest in Early Music by performers and scholars, but though the imaginations of Earle Brown and György Ligeti, found its way into the consciousness and experimentation of post-war musical circles and particularly developments in spirituality and multidisciplinary activity in the last few decades.

Of particular interest to Brown, and Ligeti, was the transcendent and structurally ambiguous work of composers such as Guillamue de Machaut (14th century). Earle Brown, through his encounters with this music as well as his close friendship with modern artists, such as Robert Rauschenberg, turned the music world on its head, not only through a complete break with the prevailing paradigm of "classical style", but by reinventing musical notation and language altogether with his ground breaking work DECEMBER 52' from FOLIO, which began his own journey into the rediscovery of ambiguity (wrongly labeled as indeterminacy) in music or the antithesis of the classical ideal of structural unity as the ultimate goal in music.

violin, cello, 2 pianos (opt. bells/percusiion) - New York City 2004TBA


will perform Carson Kievman's "SIROCCO" at their Carnegi Hall Debut. Sunday, November 4, 2001

will perform a "NEW WORK" written specifically for the group
by Carson Kievman at Princeton University's Taplin Hall. Thursday, February 28, 2002

will perform Carson Kievman's "HENRY EIGHT'S HARVEST"
at Princeton University in the late spring of 2002 (specific date TBA)
"Henry Eight's Harvest was commissioned by Henry's Eight Ensemble for the opening concert of the Year 2000 European Expo's opening concert in Hannover Germany in September, 2000

Grahamstown, South Africa
28 June - 7 July 2001
The prize-winning American pianist David Arden takes us on a spectacular journey through post-WW2 music, from the 1960s avant-garde Earle Brown and Luciano Berio to East Europeans Arvo Pãrt and Henryk Górecki, both of whom worked under oppressive conditions in Estonia and Poland respectively. The programme is completed by three very different works: Tom Williams' Ironworks (accompanied by an intriguing pre-recorded tape); South African Jeanne Zaidel-Rudolph's Virtuoso 1 and; Carson Kievman's astoundingly beautiful and emotionally powerful 19-minute Meditation which, Arden says, "leaves audiences in an altered state". (Duration: 1hr 30mins) June 30

Performed live on August 25, 2001 at the Ought-One Festival
The Haybarn Theater, Plainfield Vermont

Kalvos & Damian Ought-One Festival
August 25-26, 2001
Kalvos & Damian brings together composers and composer-performers who have been guests on Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar, the Deems Taylor Award-winning new music show produced at and heard weekly on WGDR-FM and at on the Internet.

The Ought-One Festival takes place on Saturday and Sunday, August 25-26, 2001, in the WGDR studios, on the surrounding campus of Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont, and on line.

Alex Abele, Beth Anderson, Jon Appleton, Larry Austin, Jacques Bailhé, Clarence Barlow, Gary Barwin, Dennis Báthory-Kitsz, Olex Beck, Eve Beglarian, Barbara Benary, Joseph Benzola, Susan Bettmann, James Bohn, Gilles Yves Bonneau (performance only), Canary Burton, Joseph Celli, David Cleary, Darius Clynes, Manfred Clynes, Moniek Darge, Dennis Darrah, Richard DeCosta, Nancy Bloomer Deussen, Jody Diamond, James Drew,
Robert Duckworth, Judy Dunaway (virtual performer), Michael Edgerton, Karlheinz Essl (virtual performer),
Matthew Fields, Howard Jonathan Fredrics, Elaine Tomazi Freitas, Martín Alejandro Fumarola, Kyle Gann,
Doug Geers, Bill Gilliam, Patrick Grant, Steve Gryc, David Gunn, Georg Hajdu, Greg Hall, Tom Hamilton, Jeff Harrington, Tom Heasley (virtual performer), Zeke Hecker, Dietmar Hippler (performance only), David Jaffe (performance only), Brenda Hutchinson, Brian Johnson, Carson Kievman, Jin Hi Kim, Phil Kline, Drew Krause,
Yannis Kyriakides, Larry Lake, Elodie Lauten, Mary Jane Leach, John Levin, Michael Lowenstern, Eric Lyon,
Peggy Madden, Michael Manion, John McGuire, Elma Miller, Martha Mooke, Keith Moore, Randall Neal (virtual performer), Mary Lou Newmark, Erik Nielsen, N.N. und Ähnliche Elemente (virtual performers), Frank J. Oteri,
Maggi Payne (virtual perfomer), Sarah Peebles, Troy Peters, Jean Piché, Larry Polansky, Robert D. Polansky,
Godfried-Willem Raes, Thomas L. Read, Johnny Reinhard, Douglas Repetto, Belinda Reynolds (performance only),
Michael Sahl, Roddy Schrock, André Smirnov, Brad Smith, Don Stewart, Richard Tolenaar, Gregg Wager (virtual performer), Gwyneth Walker, Peter Zummo, Richard Zvonar.

In addition to the individual performers above, performing groups and individual performers will include:

Ensemble VCX, the Ought-One Festival's core ensemble, Non Sequitur, The Vermont Youth Orchestra, Odd Appetite, Montréal's The Healthy Boys, Toronto's Uh Maybe, Members of Ensemble WireWorks, The Bartholdy Ensemble, Members of the Montpelier Chamber Orchestra Society, Michael Arnowitt, Gregory Beyer, Becky Bruce,
Daniel Bruce, Maja Cerar, Anne Decker, Willie Docto, Ruth Einstein, Roger Gillim, Patricia Goodson, Beth Griffith,
Jennifer Hymer, Rip Keller, Karen Kevra, Margaret Lancaster, Drusilla Macy, Kathy Metz, Rick Sacks, Nurit Tilles,
Christina Towle

Commissioned for the opening night of European Expo 2000 by one of London's premiere vocal ensembles - Henry's Eight

Das Festival 
Thema »Natur und Technik« 
Solisten und Ensembles 

10.9 Bis 8.10.2000

Große Sinfonik, poppige a cappella, edle Kammermusik, Flugzeuge und schwebende Orgelpfeifen, guter Jazz, Bienenmusik, beste Unterhaltung...

Das größte Festival des Landes präsentiert in diesem Jahr »Natur und Technik«. Das Thema 2000 klingt nach Weltausstellung, ist aber wie für Musik gemacht: Zwischen »Starlight Express« und barocken Seeschlachten begeben sich internationale Größen aus Klassik, Pop und Jazz auf eine Entdeckungsreise durch die Welt der Musik. 

SINE NOMINE (Auctore Ignoto)

Commissioned by The Binchois Consort (Grammophon Award Winner), directed by Andrew Kirkman

SINE NOMINE (Auctore Ignoto)* for mixed voice (8). The Binchois Consort (Grammophon Award Winner), directed by Andrew Kirkman.  Columbia University's St. Pauls Chapel,  New York Premiere. Wednesday, 3 November 1999, 8pm Includes music by Josquin des Prez, Nicolaes Craen, Heinrich Finck, others.  * Commissioned for the Binchois Concert  by the International Josquin Conference, Princeton 

SINE NOMINE (Auctore Ignoto)* for mixed voice (8). The Binchois Consort, directed by Andrew Kirkman.  Princeton University Chapel, World Premiere.  Saturday, 30 October 1999, 8pm  Includes music by Josquin des Prez, Nicolaes Craen, Heinrich Finck, others.  * Commissioned for the Binchois Concert by the International Josquin Conference, Princeton

SINE NOMINE (Auctore Ignoto)* for mixed voice (8). The Binchois Consort, directed by Andrew Kirkman.  Nicholas Music Center, Rutgers University, Monday, 1 November 1999, 8pm  Includes music by Josquin des Prez, Nicolaes Craen, Heinrich Finck, others.  * Commissioned for the Binchois Concert by the International Josquin Conference, Princeton

Nuts & Bolts for solo piano. Joseph Kubera, soloist. New England Conservatory of Music Piano Festival. June 16, 1999
  • Meditation for solo piano. David Arden, Soloist. Taplin Auditorium. Princeton University. November 17, 1998. 8pm free admission (World Premiere of new version)
  • Nuts & Bolts for solo piano. Joseph Kubera, soloist. Taplin Auditorium. Princeton University. March 23, 1999 8pm free admission free
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